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Heather Lincoln with Mauve et Blush bride


Mauve et Blush is a bridal boutique founded and designed by Heather Lincoln in 2020 in southern California. Moved by the ethereal feeling surrounding weddings, Heather creates dreamy accessories to bring the most romantic and whimsical visions to life. Through the blend of artisan beading, lace appliqués, and delicate fabrics, eye-catching designs emerge. Each piece is handmade upon order, just for you.

Heather’s interest in design began while growing up with her two sisters in rural Appalachia. With an eye for fashion and photography, Heather and her sisters would set up elaborate photoshoots using vintage fabrics and debutante gowns from their mother, aunts, and grandmother. In a whirl of colors and prints, the sisters would hike the forests, cornfields, pastures, and low country creeks of their countryside home to capture the perfect shot. This playful, artistic attitude surrounded by the intricacy and beauty of nature is where the inspiration for Mauve et Blush lies.

Following her acceptance of the YMA Fashion Scholarship in 2009, Heather went on to work for Tommy Hilfiger in NYC before graduating with a degree in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies with a concentration in Apparel Design. In 2011, she was accepted into the IFA Paris MA Fashion Design and Management program. She later moved to the Dominican Republic where, over the years, she was the editor of a luxury lifestyle magazine, an art gallery director, and couture designer of evening gowns and wedding dresses. Of her first wedding dress design, she says: “When I saw the bride walking down the aisle in a gown I designed, I was elated - I was so ecstatic and happy, I felt as if it were my wedding day! The dress is such a big decision for the bride. For me, it was a moment that my heart opened and I felt the sheer pride for what I do, and I’ve never wanted to do anything else.” Heather's designs have been featured nationally and internationally in magazines such as Blush DR and Southern Bride.

Now, in her Los Angeles studio, Heather continues her love of feminine and romantic creations and launches a collection of handmade veils, hair adornments, and bridal sashes. Every fabric and accessory is carefully selected, and then hand-cut and sewn in-house.

Photo by: John McFarlane