Our Favorite Looks from Men's Fashion Week Paris and Milan



Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2021 has recently come to a close, and in its wake left behind a trail of inspiring looks for the fashion trends of our future. This year, brands got innovative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with smaller, more selective shows, streamed collection presentations from studios, creative digital showrooms, online lookbooks, audience-free runways, and impactful fashion films. There were many questions surrounding how best to execute menswear fashion week during the corona outbreak, but loyal to their customers and devoted to the success of the industry, brands adjusted, effectively revolutionizing the fashion world. For the first time, runway collections were available online to be seen by everyone equally from the editor of a fashion magazine to an art student living at home. The sustained use of digital shows may be unclear as of now, but what is clear is that these fresh, well thought out styles are making an impact on menswear.


If you're yearning to revamp your or your boyfriend’s disheveled stay-at-home attire or get inspired for an upcoming special event, read on for our favorite looks from Men’s Fashion Week Paris and Men’s Fashion Week Milan. These glam styles will no doubt seep into men’s wardrobes in the year to come. 



Men’s Fashion Week Spring 2021 highlighted minimalism, monochromatic cropped suits, cozy casual sets, earthy plaids and linear patterns, workwear staples, and quarantine-inspired DIY vibes. We expect some of these trends to flow from the runway down the aisle at weddings, inspiring grooms and groomsmen alike. Above, Boglioli showcased light and luxurious pieces, with a color palette inspired by the Amalfi coast. How's that for destination wedding dreaming?




A recurring favorite at Men’s Fashion Week, the monochromatic suit continues to fill look-books and leave its mark on runways in varying ways. Inspired by today’s work-from-home aesthetic, designers worldwide like Officine Générale have made adjustments to blazers, giving them a more cropped, casual feel ideal for Zoom conferences or streamed celebrations. We’re also seeing less structured suits from brands such as Ermenegildo Zegnamixing elegance with casualty, and making it the perfect ensemble for micro-weddings and minimonies.




Plaids and linear patterns have managed to infiltrate this season’s runway, and we’re here for it. This year, instead of predictable, rich and dark hues dominating, plaids and patterns are highlighting mellow earthy tones like peach, egg yolk, and khaki. There is no particular method to the madness either with designers, both creating matching sets and mix and match patterns, fitting for spring and summer wedding palettes. Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, and Isabel Marant are a few stand out brands featuring plaid, pinstripes, and patterns in this season’s core collections. 




While bright hues and bold prints raged on the runway, we also found ourselves sympathizing with the softer side. A classic white jacket never goes out of style and is a wedding day staple for grooms who prefer a brighter esthetic. In varying silhouettes, it made its mark in this year's Men's Fashion Week among designers like Z Zenga, Greg Lauren, and Dior Men, offering an ode to the basics without unnecessary, over-the-top additions. Its simplistic elegance is sure to be a groom favorite.




Who remembers dressing up Juicy Couture tracksuits in the early 2000s? If you loved that look, you’ll obsess over the cozy casual sets that dominated this season’s core collections. Sweatpants and sweatshirts have transformed into luxury fashion pieces with cozy cashmere, terrycloth, knit, and cotton fabrics. Rhude, Massimo Alba, and Casablanca are just some of the brands whose designers have embraced the inevitable increase in demand for stylish comfort. These looks were especially explosive on the digital runways, understandably, with the current need for upscale stay-at-home outfits. 


With basically the entire world on lockdown, it’s no wonder we saw some quarantine-inspired DIY styles trickle down the runway. Being stuck at home, people were getting creative in the kitchen, famous on TikTok, and bleaching or tie-dying everything. Boredom got to designers too, and we saw the influence of quarantine across the runway. From hand-dyed jackets to macrame bags, to Doublet’s ultra crocheted bear suit, this season showcased some playful, crafty looks that are fitting for the year 2020. There may be chaos in the world, but that hasn’t put a damper on the passionate minds of the fashion world.

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