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Choosing a theme for your wedding can be tough! One could even argue that the idea of the “wedding theme” has been changing over the years, as couples continually break the rules to personalize their wedding day. That said, most wedding themes still fall into certain categories, so to get you started, we have created a seasonal guide for wedding themes you’ll love!

Spring Wedding Themes

romantic floral wedding theme

Romantic Floral Wedding Theme

Florals. In Spring. Groundbreaking. 

Yes, I know, but hear me out. Florals lend themselves to the most romantic wedding theme for all of you true love bugs out there. This theme is classic which means your wedding photos will always be in fashion. You can also play with different color combinations to personalize this theme. 

  • Perfect for: Hopeless romantics
  • Venue type: Manor houses or botanical gardens
  • Spring wedding color scheme: Lilac, pastel yellow, white and mauve purple

botanical garden wedding theme

Botanical Garden Wedding Theme

If you are nature lovers, you’ll love the outdoor charm of a spring botanical garden wedding. Imagine lots of greenery, delicate gold lighting and simple, but effective foliage heavy decor. If you are a fan of succulents and DIY details, this will also suit your garden wedding beautifully!

  • Perfect for: Nature lovers
  • Venue type: Outdoor garden
  • Spring wedding color scheme: White, olive green, emerald green, gold accents

elegant vintage wedding theme

Elegant Vintage Wedding Theme

For you Anglophiles out there, think Downton Abbey, Great British Bake Off, and Sherlock Holmes combined. A true old-school elegance with coat tails, top hats, fine china and antique details. Vintage wedding themes can get away with more whimsical color schemes so don’t be afraid to play with brighter colors here.

  • Perfect for: Old souls
  • Venue type: Stately homes and Castles
  • Spring wedding color scheme: Blush pink, royal purple, ivory, gold

Summer Wedding Themes

beach wedding theme

Relaxed Beach Wedding Theme

For all you surfing and coastal lovers, a beach wedding seems like the natural choice. A beach doesn’t need a whole lot of dressing and neither will a charming beach hut, but a seafaring theme can also be great. You can go the more nautical wedding direction with blues, anchors and stripes, or you can take a completely different approach with bright tropical colors. A beach wedding theme is perfect for those wanting to feel the sand in their toes as they say I do.

  • Perfect for: Beach lovers
  • Venue type: Beaches / Coastal huts
  • Summer wedding color scheme: White, baby blue, royal blue, pastel yellow, corals

rustic wedding theme in barn

Outdoor Rustic Wedding Theme

Rustic wedding themes continue to evolve over the years but there is very much still a place for hay bales, pitchforks, horseshoes and gypsophila if that is your aesthetic! The rustic, country couple loves log arrangements, moss, straw, and wildflowers. The beauty of the rustic theme is that you can be very creative with colors since most barns and outdoor locations are very neutral, and therefore can take a brighter color scheme.

  • Perfect for: Country couples
  • Venue type: Barns
  • Summer wedding color scheme: Yellow, hot orange, ivory, emerald green

colorful wedding decor

Whimsical Bright Wedding Theme

A summer wedding deserves color and for the alternative, bright bubbly couple, a colorful wedding is the way to go! The secret to making bright colors work is to blend them seamlessly by using foliage. The more leaves you use, the more diluted the color. The less leaves you use, the bolder the color. Play around with your favorite combinations to create a wedding full of your personalities. For more personal flair, add some signature cocktails at your wedding reception.

  • Perfect for: Alternative couples
  • Venue type: Any blank spaces (e.g warehouses, outdoor venues etc.)
  • Summer wedding color scheme: Canary yellow, azure blue, tomato red, magenta

Fall Wedding Themes

bride and bridesmaids in autumn wedding

Autumnal Bohemian Wedding Theme

Boho weddings can be made in any season, but I think it lends itself well to fall weddings. Why? Well the mix of textures and neutral tones that you typically see with bohemian weddings are naturally quite autumnal. Think of the macrame backdrops, wooden tipi structures and feathers, mixed with a burnt orange, soft pink and auburn florals. Your fall bohemian wedding can be truly warm and inviting. 

  • Perfect for: Boho, hippie couples
  • Venue type: Cabins and Forests
  • Fall wedding color scheme: Burnt orange, blush pink, auburn red, chocolate brown

modern wedding decor theme

Modern City Wedding Theme

For the chic city couple, a fall wedding also works beautifully. A luxury hotel or rooftop bar is the perfect place to host your upmarket, modern, fashionable wedding. Black, white and a metallic are easy choices for a modern wedding theme, but adding in a pop of bright color really sets your wedding apart from the average city wedding.

  • Perfect for: City chic couples
  • Venue type: Luxe hotels and rooftop bars
  • Fall wedding color scheme: Black, white, gold and hot pink

glamorous wedding decor with floral table centerpieces

Glittery Glamorous Wedding Theme

This wedding theme is for the glamorous couples out there wanting their wedding to sparkle. Must haves are glittery bridesmaids dresses, black tie dress code and sparklers at the end of the night. You can go with this wedding theme with whites and ivories, but I love to inject some jewel tone colours like eggplant purple to make this theme feel almost regal.

  • Perfect for: Glamorous, high-end couples
  • Venue type: Stately homes or luxe hotels
  • Fall wedding color scheme: Eggplant purple, hot pink, lots of gold!

Winter Wedding Themes

christmas wedding theme banquet

Christmas/ New Year Wedding Theme

For a festive wedding, you want the styling to be cosy and uplifting. Dim candlelit dining rooms, hot chocolates in the evening, and sparklers at midnight make a Christmas or New Year wedding theme come together. This theme would suit a variety of venues but imagine a snug wooden cabin in the mountains for an intimate Christmas wedding? Love it!

  • Perfect for: Festive couples
  • Venue type: Estates, Manor houses, Cabins
  • Winter wedding color scheme: White, red, green and gold

1920s art deco wedding theme

Art Deco Wedding Theme

The Roaring 20s are back as we are in 2020, so the art deco theme is the perfect style to revive this decade. Gold is a must for an art deco wedding color scheme and deep colors suit this flashy style very well. Sleek stationery, flapper style bridesmaids dresses, minimalist floral arrangements, and a jazz band would make this wedding theme come to life. 

  • Perfect for: Party lovers
  • Venue type: Manor houses or city venues
  • Winter wedding color scheme: Black, white, deep red and gold

traditional white wedding theme

Traditional White Wedding Theme

Finally we have the classic white wedding. Your wedding will stand the test of time and never go out of style. This traditional wedding theme can be used throughout the year, but we put it in the Winter category because the metallics in the color scheme can make this theme quite wintery. 

  • Perfect for: Classic couples
  • Venue type: Manor houses
  • Winter wedding color scheme: White and metallic details (e.g silver, gold or rose gold)

We hope this article helps get you started with what wedding theme may suit you as a couple. Now you know the rules, feel free to break them! Whatever your wedding style, your wedding design is yours to customize regardless of the season and theme. Have fun designing your wedding day! If you need help matching a veil to your beautiful dress, let us know. We'll help you choose from our Lily Veil, Iris Floral Leaf veil, Camelia Veil, or more.

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Olivia is a British wedding planner, writer and founder of the destination wedding planning company Nulyweds in Portugal. She is passionate about travel, weddings, beauty, cinema, horse riding and BIPOC issues. She lives in Portugal, and is in her element exploring the country to create unique, colorful weddings.

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