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Richness in beauty and taste.

Browsing wedding cakes can take you and your partner on a complex path of boundless designs, colors, shapes and flavors. With so much glory and splendor to be found, selecting the cake can be an ordeal with endless possibilities. The most significant aspect to consider is a cake's taste, but design doesn't fall far behind.

We've compiled a gallery of modern, well-crafted cake designs that are so artful and ornate it's almost hard to imagine eating them!

You can have your cake (and eat it too) by clicking the image to be directed to the oh-so-inspiring creators & bakers who made it. Without being over-the-top or too traditional, these jaw-dropping cake designs showcase the style and sophistication you've always dreamed of at your wedding. View our favorites in the gallery below, whose bakers hail from around the world from Brooklyn to Bali, Montreal, Australia and more. Plus, see our helpful tips for selecting the ultimate wedding cake for your special day.

(Above Wedding Cake by @FlourPress)

10 Tips for Choosing your Ideal Wedding Cake:

  • First, decide on your wedding colors, theme, & venue in order to select a coordinating and complementary cake (i.e. rustic wedding cake is perfect for the outdoors whereas a lavish indoor venue may require a more formal cake) 
  • Keep a catalog of your favorite cakes to share with your baker (or narrowed list of bakeries) to later inquire about their pricing & structure. Ideally, the wedding cake should be ordered six months prior to your wedding.
  • Know the number of guests you want to feed and decide if a stacked or tiered cake is right for you, or if a small decorative cake is preferred for presentation. Remember, you can serve the same flavor in sheet cake to your guests. Generally, 3 tiers feeds 50-100 guests and 5 tiers is appropriate for 200+
  • Weather plays a big role! Everything from frosting to filling to structural design will impact how your cake holds up throughout the course of your celebration. Fondant will hold a complicated design and is fitting for the outdoors. Buttercream, on the other hand, has a more favorable taste but will melt in heat, along with meringue and whipped cream. Check out Martha Stewart Weddings for an expert breakdown on toppings here.
  • For decoration, intricate sugar flowers are gorgeous yet time-consuming, and therefore can be expensive. You may choose to opt for seasonal fruits or edible or nontoxic blooms instead. 
  • Be bold with your flavors and choose what you like best not what you think will be a crowd-pleaser! Lemon, for instance, or tropical guava is an excellent choice for warmer months. See more wedding cake flavors here via Brides.
  • A second cake to spice things up? A groom's cake is traditionally full of rich flavorful notes, often chocolate or fruit, and is a sweet addition to the dessert table.
  • Cost is determined by the number of guests and complexity of cake design. Keep in mind some bakers may charge for premium flavors and fillings.
  • Keep a running list of questions for your baker that spring to mind as you're planning and researching so you're not scrambling at the last minute to make sure you've covered all the topics. 
  • Lastly, if you've tasted a cake recently at an event, party, or friend's wedding that stands out, ask him or her about the baker! Personal recommendations are an excellent way to find the right vendor.

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