Top Wedding Day Trends to Incorporate into Your Big Day

Festival Themed Wedding Day

Every year, new wedding trends flood the bridal industry, keeping planners and vendors alike on their toes. Some trends come to stay, while others fade out as quickly as they waltzed in. Remember when “millennial pink” wedding dresses had a big moment? Over the last decade, especially with the growth of social media, we’ve seen fads become norms like themed engagement shoots, photo booths, #weddinghashtags, and personalized websites. More and more couples are saying “I do” non-traditionally and in their own unique ways. 

This year is especially interesting with the new regulations surrounding COVID-19, forcing couples and their wedding planners to get creative. We’re expecting to see many streamed weddings and “minimonies” in our future. For those still having weddings, expect to see lit lighting, unique floral designs, glitter, festival-style receptions, and an assortment of entertainers. We think some of these trends will stick around, and maybe even become new wedding norms. 

Live Streaming

Bride and Groom on Live Stream Wedding

With COVID-19 taking center stage, many couples have chosen to delay their nuptials, but not all of them. Countless have decided to make the most of the current circumstances and adjust accordingly.With a determination to stay on track, streamed weddings have become a 2020 norm. Live streaming gives couples the opportunity to share intimate moments with loved ones who cannot attend the ceremony. With today’s pandemic, live streaming is obviously essential, but moving forward, we expect live streaming to evolve and further integrate itself into the wedding industry. 

Relatives who are perhaps in the hospital, friends living in other countries, or those with travel restrictions will be able to view ceremonies in real-time, not missing a single moment. Those considering destination weddings can also benefit from incorporating live streams for guests unable to attend. Whether you want a private, intimate viewing or a public, open stream, broadcasting allows for couples to share defining moments beyond just the walls of their venue. 

Minimony and Microwedding

Along with live-streamed weddings, 2020 has ushered in another new “COVID-friendly” trend: “minimonies.” Minimonies and microweddings, are exactly what you’d think; small ceremonies with an exclusive guest list of 10 to 40 attendees. Many couples are having minimonies on pre-planned dates to be followed by a bigger celebration at the end of the year, or early next. 

While it may seem like a bummer to crop your guest list, there are many benefits to hosting a micro-wedding. Having a limited amount of guests creates a very intimate, exclusive vibe and can be a real money saver too. Finding an intimate location and gourmet catering becomes a more manageable task with fewer attendees. Couples are able to invest more in each individual guest and personalize the overall experience. 

Microwedding Day Celebration

Lighting Design

LED Light Display at Wedding

For those couples planning their weddings to take place after the pandemic, we’ve got very bright futures ahead, literally. Detailed light design is being incorporated into decorating more than ever before. Event lighting is one of the essential elements for creating the ambiance of any wedding. Expect to see bold light fixtures with different, playful hues along with hanging installations, tube lighting, light shows, and LED cocktail bars. Video mapping, or spatial augmented reality, is another lighting trick climbing the ranks. Using projection technology, video mapping displays interactive projections on any surface. Convert a blank ceiling into an elegant lighting display, or upgrade the dance floor with 3D elements. Whether you’re looking for candle-lit elegance or a festival-style light show, light design is essential for setting the overall ambiance. 

Dried Floral Displays

Dried Floral Display at Wedding

Alongside the evolving lighting design trends, florals are being used in more unexpected ways. This year, more than just bouquets and centerpieces await. Edible blooms are included in salads, on desserts, frozen in ice cubes, and infused in water. Flower walls are becoming increasingly used as backdrops for photo booths or for the altar itself. 

Dried flowers are gaining popularity for their sustainability and keepsake vibes. On top of being eco-friendly, dried flowers are budget-friendly too, and can be shipped and delivered the day before the big day. We anticipate seeing lots of dried flower bouquets and elaborate displays from here on out, especially with boho brides. 

Left: Pampas grass and desert neutral florals by Tess Made

Glitter Stations

Glitter Station at Wedding

Wedding reception trends are evolving alongside design and decor. With millennials taking over the wedding scene, we’re seeing more and more festival-inspired receptions, and no real festival is complete without glitter! Glitter dance floors and glitter stations are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples. Glitter bars are equipped with skin glue and an assortment of glitter for guests to apply when the music gets going, shifting the vibe from ceremony to reception. While some venues may cringe at the cleanup, glitter bars bring fun, youthful, and inclusive energy that gets guests mingling. 

Festival Wedding Receptions

Festival Themed Wedding Reception

Festival-inspired receptions being on the rise, celebrations with musical line-ups featuring an assortment of performers from multiple bands, to solo artists, to DJ sets gain in popularity. Festival-inspired receptions aim to create a sense of unity and community, amplifying the wedding experience for everyone involved. Couples are even renting out venues with multiple rooms to mimic the festival-style stage rotations. Silent discos and designated karaoke spaces are taking receptions to the next level, adding interactive activities for guests.

Wedding Entertainers

Tarot Reading at Wedding

Following the bandwagon of interactive activities, entertainers are making appearances at cocktail hours, receptions, and even afterparties. Think magicians, sketch artists, tarot readers, and even astrologers. Entertainers are great space-fillers, keeping guests busy while other wedding day tasks are underway, like bridal party photographs or during band breaks. Many entertainers, like caricature artists, also provide guests with a tangible memory of the event to take home with them. 

When planning a wedding, there aren’t any standards to stick to or set rules to follow. Traditional weddings are on the back-burner while personally customized weddings take the lead. Whether it’s a live stream wedding, microwedding, or a large event, anticipate dramatic light designs, unexpected floral usage, sparkly receptions, and an abundance of entertainment.

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