10 Romantic Activities You Can Safely Do Now

Romantic Dates You Can Safely Do Now


Are you frustrated you had to postpone your wedding because of the Covid-19 pandemic? You’re not alone! Many couples across the globe are facing the same situation, and most governments aren't sure when precisely the prevailing safer-at-home restrictions will be lifted. This makes it especially challenging for couples to prepare for their weddings and share any updated information with their guests. While these can be depressing times, many couples are choosing to make the most of these unforeseen circumstances, either by opting for ‘micro-weddings,’ streamed ceremonies, or getting ahead communicating their postponement details. The good news is that though your engagement has been extended, there are many activities and dates you and your partner can safely do now to make the wait way more fun.

On the bright side, this delay could be a chance to get to know your fiancé even better and strengthen your bond. Here are some fun-filled and romantic date ideas to cherish your prolonged engagement.

Take a Weekly Online Workout Class Together

Couple's Combined Workout Routine

While prepping for your wedding day, it’s understandable you might have taken up a healthier diet and/ or gym routine over the past few months. With fitness centers closing on-and-off due to government reopening guidelines, it can be a hassle to keep your newfound active lifestyle. Fear not that all your hard work will go to waste, because you and your significant other can sign-up for a weekly online workout class! Pas de problème. There are plenty of exercises couples can do together, either through shared body weight or choreographed cardio, or simply by encouraging each other to keep up the pace! It never hurts to have a partner cheering you on, and could even lead to a productive lifestyle habit, not just a goal for the big day.

Make a Private Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night


While not all of us have vocal cords like Lady Gaga, singing along to your favorite tunes is known to relieve stress and anxiety. You and your partner can schedule a karaoke session and belt your heart out! It will totally boost your spirits and allow you to blow off steam. Add some fun cocktails, maybe a few friends, and you have got yourself a party! Forget about your croaky voice or the negative news on TV and appreciate the little moments with your soon-to-be spouse.


Complete a Puzzle

Tackle a Puzzle for Date-Night


If you’re looking for some downtime with your betrothed, putting a puzzle together fits the bill, and they aren’t always easy! Have you seen Ellen Degeneres' quarantine video? Besides improving your cognitive function and memory, completing a puzzle together can create some exciting competition and a heightened sense of satisfaction when you’ve figured it all out. While longterm mental prowess is known to be a positive side-effect of puzzles over the years, doing one with your partner will also fine-tune your collective communication and cooperation skills, not to mention any problem-solving abilities. Get away from the digital distractions and elect a new type of entertainment!

Try an Online Cooking Class

Online Couple's Cooking Class


The current pandemic has drastically shifted almost everything online. Whereas we used to associate date nights with dining out, the coronavirus has made us rethink the importance of dinner at home and making it as appealing as possible. The internet is overflowing with virtual cooking classes giving you and your partner the prime opportunity to advance your skills in the kitchen before you’re newlyweds. Get a jumpstart on perfecting your favorite dishes and partake in some delicious wine to make the most of an evening at home.

Have a Movie Night with Netflix Party

Netflix Party Date Night


Netflix Party is a Chrome feature that enables video playback synchronization and adds a group chat function to any content you may want to watch on Netflix. It is particularly useful for couples and friends in different locations who cannot be together as a result of travel restrictions, or for families who want to recreate a family movie night. So, hang on to the edge of your seat during those daunting thrillers and cry with laughter along with your favorite comedians; just don't forget to add your witty commentary into the group chat!

Get Creative

Couple playing the guitar


If you’ve thought now is the optimal time to revisit your childhood dreams and hobbies you’ve stashed away in the “someday” area of your closet, you’re right. With millions of workers furloughed or let go in recent months, doing what you love has never been more crucial for success, and potentially could lead to happier and more fulfilling careers ahead. Rather than stress about that which you cannot change, utilize this time more productively like exercising your creativity. Take time to paint, play the guitar, sit for a sketch with your partner, arrange a bouquet, or go stargazing. Discover your hidden talents and reignite your passions!

Take a Hike, literally!

Couple going for a hike


With your wedding postponed, it can seem as if time has come to a standstill, and the lack of social activities and working from home doesn't help. Nature is one of the best, completely free resources to improve your mood and awaken your senses. Taking a hike or walking with your partner affords you the perfect opportunity to reconnect and become better acquainted with your inner selves. Being surrounded by nature and connecting to the environment is an unmatched experience with numerous health benefits. Let the conversation flow, enjoy the peaceful outdoors, and free yourself of your agenda. You just may find these types of outings foster your natural bond and a desire for adventure with your partner.

Partake in an At-Home Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting At Home


Wine tastings have always been a great excuse to gather friends, depart on a road-trip, and drink lots of delicious and distinctive varieties of wine. While it’s unlikely you’ll be traveling too far in the near future, you don’t have to forgo the luxury of wine tastings. Sure it’s not in a stone castle overlooking the mountains, but at much more affordable prices, and at you and your partner’s own pace, it will introduce you to stand out wines that could become staples on your dinner table. Several companies will send you a few bottles and lead you through a virtual tasting experience. You still obtain the useful background information and won't miss out the subtleties and complexities of each wine.

Couples' Dinner Al Fresco

Couples' Dinner Al Fresco


A couples' date night is such a fun way to turn a normal, mundane evening into an eventful one! Do something outside the regular and plan an intimate gathering with your closest friends. Change the scenery and move your fête to the backyard for an elevated, more memorable occasion. Opt for lantern lights and candles to create an ambiance that rivals even your favorite bar; just don’t forget the mosquito repellent!

Recreate Your First Dates

Horseback Riding Date Idea


Take an afternoon off and spend the day absorbed in fun activities you used to engaged in all the time as a new couple. Grab some ice-cream in a trendy, outdoor neighborhood, walk along the boardwalk at the beach or hop on an electric scooter. Go for a bike ride, take a scenic tour or horseback, or pack a picnic and lie in the grass and simply stare up at the clouds. You deserve to relax! Relaxing is not such a difficult thing to do once you give yourself permission. Schedule a day date with yours truly and have fun! After all, they say the key to a successful marriage is to never stop dating!

Ready to enjoy your prolonged engagement? Treat this time like a pre-wedding honeymoon; who’s to say it’s not a thing?

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