6 Simple Gifts to Spark Excitement Over Your Prolonged Engagement

Couple Celebrates Prolonged Engagement with Gifts


If you have recently gotten engaged (congratulations!) and are awaiting your wedding day, or, as in the case of many, have had to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19, the good news is that there are plenty of romantic gifts you can give your partner to keep your love life alive and burning. Gifts often have been sweet symbols to develop a strong and loving relationship. For couples, they can represent frequent reminders of how much you care about one another, and are a sign you value and appreciate your partner's presence and contributions to the relationship. Over time, they have their way of strengthening your bond.

The options and creative ideas are unlimited. Gift-giving will never go out of fashion, and depending on your preference you can choose to buy the gift or showcase your creativity by going the Do-It-Yourself route. Not all couples find it necessary to purchase gifts, but they are easy reminders you’re thinking of your partner. During these unprecedented times of coronavirus, it’s nice to have little pick-me-ups sprinkled throughout your engagement.

At little to no cost, here's a list of gifts to cherish the moments leading up to your special day and remind your partner how lucky you both are to be together:

Bouquet of Flowers

Give a Bouquet of Flowers Gift Idea


Despite being age-old, the act of buying your partner flowers never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong with these historic emblems of love. It's one of the tried and true methods of showing love and affection. Women especially love to receive flowers and feel delighted when bright blooms arrive in their name. Being botanic, florals signify your commitment to keeping your relationship alive. In simple terms, flowers are romantic, and romance is a crucial ingredient to a fun, healthy, and long-lasting relationship. 

They are super easy to access from your local florist, grocer, or even from your own garden if you have one. You can also order a surprise delivery from many online flower shops, frequently now with contactless delivery. If the thought of flowers dying after a week or so makes you uneasy, you can always opt for a house plant! Healthy plants will purify the air in your home and enliven the atmosphere, not to mention allow you the opportunity to grow something together.

Write a Love Letter

Write a Love Letter Gift Idea


A love letter is the perfect gift to send to your partner as a way to express your love and affection without having to mumble a single word. In modern society where cutting-edge technological advancements have made everything, including communications, ultrafast, writing a sweet letter meant for your significant other will show that you cherish them and you are committed to investing time and energy towards developing the relationship. In a world where life has become so busy that people do not have time for anything, the effort and energy put into a love letter really counts. 

Just relax and make it super-personal. The words will flow. Personally, I have always made it a point to write lengthy Valentine’s Day or Birthday cards, but why take the time to tell someone how you feel about them just once or twice a year? A love letter, or even little love notes over the months, will put you in a grateful mindset as you remember all the things you adore about your partner. This practice may even help you write your vowels when the time comes!

For extra bonus points, put it in the mail. 

Intimate Dinner

Couple Creates Intimate Dinner to Celebrate Engagement


Forgo the regular dull dinners for once - you know the ones you eat in under 30 minutes in front of the television - and prepare something special for your partner; he or she deserves it! Pull out all the stops and grab a few sentimental extras, like rose petals, candles, or even some fancy outdoor table decor. Do your best to make it memorable. During safer-at-home orders and several restaurants being closed or with limited capacity, making dinner at home as special and meaningful as possible could not be more highly valued.

Dinners always have a way of strengthening a couple's connection and communication. Recreate your first date together, or if you've had to postpone your wedding and honeymoon, plan a themed destination setting. It will truly wow your partner and remind them how stoked they are to be with you!

The tasty food, cocktails, plus the devoted time and attention to one another is a gift to both of you.

Homemade Candle

DIY candle gift idea


Much against popular belief, the ideal gift for your partner does not have to be expensive. You can delight your partner with an awesome DIY gift using very little money like a homemade candle. The idea lies more in the amount of effort and commitment you'll invest in making it rather than the cost. A homemade candle is a sentimental gift as you're able to tailor it to suit your partner's favorite color and scent, with a unique blend of essential oils or dried herbs and flowers. It will totally make him or her feel special. All you need is commitment and a few simple ingredients to brighten up your sweetheart's day. Candle-making could even be a fun date night activity to do together. Check out this popular How-To instructional to get you started: How To Make Scented Candles from Scratch.

Fresh Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket Gift Idea to Celebrate Engagement


While it's likely you and your partner and taking extra care to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet in the lead up to your wedding, giving your significant other a fruit basket can be a romantic, thoughtful treat. Who doesn't like fruit? Find your partner's favorite citrus and load it up in a cute basket. Besides being a visual treat, it's a known fact fresh fruits have a multitude of health benefits.

First, get an impressive basket. Most people usually underestimate this, but you wouldn't want to give your lover a gift contained in a torn and shabby looking basket. It is crucial to understand that when it comes to gifts, the container is almost as important as the contents themselves. Second, select the freshest assortment, throwing in a variety of yummy flavors, like berries, kiwi, oranges, and peaches. If you get your fruit basket from a gift shop, they can easily help you craft an impressive display.

For a step further, add in a bottle of wine and some cheese that pairs well (i.e. brie, gouda, or blue cheese) and plan an afternoon picnic! Stash a blanket and a couple of books or magazines in the car with you and you have the ultimate gift and relaxing date.

Decadent Dessert

Bake a Cake to Celebrate Your Engagement


Cakes make a wonderful gift for just about every occasion, from birthdays to retirement parties, to weddings and graduations. It’s also one of the easiest gifts to personalize for your particular occasion and mood, making it a great gift idea for engaged couples. You can either chose to buy one from a bakery or, if you are a baking enthusiast, you can do it yourself. Cakes will turn even an ordinary occasion into a special one.

If you choose to bake your cake yourself, do ensure you invest adequate time and energy so the result turns out great. You don’t want to end up with a sour dud, even if gifts are "the thought that counts." It would also be touching to have a message accompany your cake as a way of expressing how you feel about your partner and show how much they are appreciated.

Go with romantic flavors like chocolate, red velvet, or lemon and garnish with your preferred topping. You may even want to kick it up a notch and try a unique flavor like pink guava cake, coffee and cream, or grand marnier. An out of the box flavor may even spark some inspiration and a discussion about your dream wedding cake!

Think you found a winner from our list? Go for it, now! Such gifts can make a huge impact on you and your partner's attitude and outlook, and are likely to ignite some extra passion. These thoughtful gifts are sure to warm your partner's heart and keep both of you pumped for your wedding day!

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