How to Pick the Right Wedding Veil Material

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Are you the bride-to-be who has just found her perfect wedding dress for her wedding day? Finding your dream gown is a very important first step, and many would argue the most important leading up to the big day. Selecting the right bridal veil to coordinate is nearly as essential as it pulls your overall bridal look together. If you’ve been searching for your perfect veil, you already know that there are so many options and customizations out there. We've previously published an article on veil styles, but now we're breaking down the material to help you make the best selection for your wedding dress.


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Most wedding veils are created using tulle, and there are many different qualities, hand feels, and knitting sizes to consider. It is key to understand the different weights, degrees of transparency, responses to wrinkles, and the different costs along with how soft or stiff the fabrics are. Whether you’re wearing a short wedding dress, a full skirt, or a bridal jumpsuit, finding a veil that flows with the overall shape and enhances your look is pivotal. Once you understand the materials used, it will be easier to decide what embellishments or designs you want to add, if you choose to go that route and elevate your wedding veil with delicate details. Your ideal veil is waiting to be discovered.


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The most commonly used tulle for bridal veils is bridal illusion tulle. Made from quality fine knit nylon, bridal illusion tulle is sheer and lightweight, offering a barely-there veil style. These veils are extremely translucent and slightly sheen causing a subtle shimmer when they catch the right light. Because of this, bridal illusion tulle veils photograph very well. This veil will drape with more body than other tulle styles, holding shape on its own. If you’re looking to embellish your veil with illusion lace, pearl details, or felt dots, this is the tulle to use. Be careful not to wrinkle a veil made from bridal illusion tulle because the wrinkles don't come out easily. Overall, bridal illusion tulle is great for traditional-looking veil styles.




English tulle is made from 100% cotton with a hexagon weave. This tulle is durable and hugs the body more than the bridal illusion tulle while still draping like chiffon. These veils will also be softer and mimic more of a silk tulle in softness without losing the body. This veil is weightier and more opaque. Any wrinkles will quickly disappear with a steamer.




Chiffon tulle is a fluid, soft, flowing, non-translucent material. It is made from twisted fibers of either poly chiffon or silk chiffon. Both types differ in quality and texture. Poly chiffon is made from a polyester blend, while silk chiffon is made from 100% silk. When working with silk chiffon, there are two different styles, one appearing grainy and crepe-like and the other very smooth and soft to touch. Chiffon tulle is a great for your wedding veil if your gown uses chiffon. A chiffon tulle wedding veil works best as a single-tier veil because it is not translucent and holds weight. These veils will easily wrinkle, but the wrinkles can be removed from your home without a professional’s help. 




The most luxurious fabric to use for your wedding veil is silk tulle. Silk tulle is the best tulle on the market and is more costly because of it, which explains why it was the choice for Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Made from larger hexagon knitting, this veil material is very sheer and exquisitely delicate. It is also the softest to touch veil material available. There are three types of silk tulle to choose from when creating your veil. French silk tulle is the most delicate and fragile to work with when designing. It mimics the fine soft texture of hosiery. Italian silk tulle has wider netting and an overall more coarse silk texture than the French silk tulle. Italian silk tulle is an excellent material to add a trim or applied beadwork. Lastly, English silk tulle is much like the Italian silk tulle and is also a fantastic choice for brides looking to add detail to the luxury. 


When choosing the right veil style for your bridal look, it is essential to remember that silk tulle veils are incredibly delicate and fragile. These veils can easily snag or tear, but wrinkles aren’t a problem. Wrinkles fall out easily when steamed, and the silk tulle fabric actually gets softer with each steam.  


At first glance, it may seem overwhelming deciding which veil style is right for you, but choosing your wedding accessories is all part of the fun. Just as there are so many gown styles to choose from, there are endless veil styles to customize your look even more such as our Iris Floral Leaf Veil, Camelia Veil, Jasmine Veil, or our Lily Veil. It’s not merely the wedding veil length to consider but also the degree of transparency, the texture, the overall structure, the use of embellishments, and so much more. Meet with a bridal stylist and see what they recommend for the overall look you want to achieve. At Mauve et Blush, we're always available for free style consultations on what works best for you. Just send us a message and we're happy to help! The perfect veil will be the finishing touch, properly shaping your look and highlighting all the right areas. 


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