Fabulous Contemporary Silhouettes of Modern Wedding Dress Styles

Three examples of modern wedding dress styles


Take a moment and envision a traditional bride walking down the aisle on her wedding day. What is she wearing? Do you immediately picture a fairytale ball gown, or maybe a fit and flare silhouette, with a bouquet and bridal veil? Now, take a moment and think of the modern bride, what is she wearing? Chances are, no immediate image floods your mind because when it comes to modern bridal silhouettes, the opportunities are endless! The modern bride mixes edge and romance. She is daring, fearless, and strays from the traditional norms of life. This look dishes out a major serving of attitude and rebellion, wrapped in an effortless, not-a-worry-in-the-world, cool vibe.

With her wedding dress dreams now stretching beyond ball gowns with corsets or lace gowns with far-reaching trains, she aims for both style and adventure. She is forward thinking in her thoughts as well as fashion. She no doubt wants the picture-perfect wedding dress, but that’s not all she’s willing to settle for. She’s looking for a bold yet simple, daring but comfortable, chic but sophisticated outfit that she can wear beyond the wedding. And why not?

She doesn’t hold back from making a fearless choice when she picks her outfit for D-day – a day when, she knows, all eyes will be on her. She isn’t afraid of experimenting with unique wedding veils available online that deviate from the norm. Inspiring confidence and warmth, awe and hope, envy and desire, she walks the aisle in an out-of-the-ordinary outfit that does complete justice to her fun, exciting, cool, and modern self.Think, jumpsuits, statement suits, playful slits and cut-outs, bold necklines, sexy sheer elements, pleated volume and layers, and occasionally, lots of leg. 

If you’re an edgier bride-to-be looking to wear white but want to stay away from the expected, here are some unconventional modern bride silhouettes and styles for inspiration. 



2 Jumpsuit examples of modern wedding dress styles



Do you know what modern trend has been having a major moment in the bridal industry? Jumpsuits. A jumpsuit brings an immediate sense of sophisticated modern elegance while being very unconventional at the same time. Easily styled, some brides choose to pair their jumpsuit with a cape, or with an attachable skirt. Other brides prefer the sleek, minimalist, skin-tight jumpsuit. Not seeking to be minimal? Add extra pleated volume and layers. Walking down the aisle in a jumpsuit is a total power move. They are versatile, customizable, and comfortable. Besides, they’re fiercely non-traditional, yet still rock when worn with a bridal veil or other wedding day accessories. Speaking of accessories, a bridal sash or hair adornments coupled with a wedding veil, bought online will perfectly complete the jumpsuit look.


Suits and Coats

2 Suit Coat examples of modern wedding dress styles



It’s no surprise that statement suits and oversized coats have seeped into the bridal industry pond. With blazers taking over streetwear and the borrowed-from-the-boys look trending, we’re seeing more modern brides opt for this sleek, contemporary wedding day style. There are multiple ways to style a suit, blazer, or coat with customized tailoring. Modern brides are exploring styling long coats as dresses, trench coats over dresses, blazers as dresses, and full statement, multiple piece suits. If you’re all about statement suits and looking to feel empowered on your wedding day, this look is for you.   


Slits and Cutouts

2 Slit and Cutout examples of modern wedding dress styles


A great way to break free from the traditional wedding gown norm is by playing with cut-outs and slits. A dress (or jumpsuit!) with cut-outs can manage to be both modest and seductive if done correctly, and can perfectly accentuate and contour the body. The modern bride is daring without losing the elegance of modesty. Cut-outs made sneakily under the arm, or exposing the back, or playfully above the chest all achieve this sophisticated, bold look provoking visual interest with simple details. High slits, or in some cases low slits in places like the underarm, add a similar sexy edge with appropriate peek-a-boo skin exposure.  


Bold Necklines

2 Bold neckline examples of modern wedding dress styles



A bold neckline immediately makes a statement that showcases the modern bride. Forgo the typical sweetheart, scoop neck, strapless, and v-neck necklines, and opt for dramatic one shoulder necklines, straight-across strapless, striking high-neck halters, and turtlenecks made from unique materials like lace or organza. An eye-catching geometric neckline highlights the bride’s face and amplifies the overall attitude, breaking free from a traditional look. But deviating from the norm doesn’t mean you can’t complement the look with conventional but beautiful bridal veils and headpieces.



Sheer Elements

2 Sheer Elements examples of modern wedding dress styles


Sheer fabric is made with thin threads producing almost-transparent material. Modern brides love to combine romance with rebellion and sheer effectively balances the two. Adding sheer to a plunging neckline adds a touch of modesty to the intimacy. We see many turtleneck-style necklines and cut-outs with these elements. With sheer material, modern brides are able to play with the edgier, sexier styles while maintaining a sense of traditional decency. As with all contemporary styles, sheer is exceptionally versatile and easy to customize, fitting for each bride’s unique style. It can be beautifully paired with one of the best wedding veils online to further amplify the sheer appeal.


Volume and Layers

2 layered examples of modern wedding dress styles


For the bride seeking dramatic extravagance, consider layers and adding volume. Structured volume can perfectly accentuate the natural dimensions of the body, especially through pleating rather than weight. Think oversized puffy sleeves or an elaborate skirt creating a shape of its own. Layering has evolved, especially with the explosion of pantsuits and jumpsuits. Cigarette pant-leg jumpsuits with an attachable open front skirt flowing down the back, beaded cape overlays, belted dramatic coats, and explosive tulle tiers are just some of the layering styles modern brides can flaunt down the aisle. 


Lots of Leg

2 examples of modern wedding dress styles with lots of leg


The modern bride is all about making a statement without having to put forth too much effort into the making. Showing a lot of leg certainly isn’t traditional. High-low hemlines or short hemlines can have awe-inspiring effects when it comes to creating a contemporary bridal look. Add a wedding veilonline or store bought, for the ceremony, a long cape, or even a coat. Short hemlines can be styled so many ways for different brides wanting to express their personalities and attitudes on their wedding day. Legs are not reserved for just the after-party anymore, ladies!

 There are a lot of factors that go into finding the right wedding dress for the big day. If you are the rebellious, care-free bride looking to represent edgy flair during your ceremony, don’t settle for anything less than exactly what you want. There are no rules that must be followed. The modern bride boasts unconventional style with pride. Explore styles with adventurous slits and cutouts, dramatic necklines, seductive sheer elements, and structured volume. Try on some bridal jumpsuits, and style the look with layers. Maybe you’re more of a statement suit bride or are interested in testing a trench coat as a dress. Embrace the contemporary and continue trailblazing, modern brides!

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Gallagher Foxworthy, who writes on the blog of Mauve et Blush.

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