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dried florals in vases outside wedding ceremony


The 2020s is the decade of dried floral weddings and we love it! This trend has changed the face of weddings and, in many ways, suits our more sustainable sensibilities in this new decade. 

There are three main types of wedding floral styling: dried flowers, fresh flowers, and silk flowers. All have their place and all are versatile in their own ways. Dried flowers are more eco-friendly than fresh flowers are. They also last for a long time after the event. In some cultures, it’s customary to gift your bouquet and centerpieces to members of your family for them to dress their home. With dried flowers, that stunning arrangement can be admired for weeks or even months after your big day. 

You don’t have to limit yourselves to one type of floral styling either! The most innovative of wedding styling arrangements are remixes of textures and tones. Combining fresh and dried flowers can create true wow-factor if you hire the right wedding designers. 

Dried florals can be incorporated into all aspects of your wedding styling so this guide will show you exactly how to use them to great effect.

How to use dried flowers in your wedding ceremony styling

Here’s a well-known fact that we tend to forget - your ceremony is your wedding! The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, so it should be styled in a spectacular way. Dried florals lend themselves well to modern ceremony styling because they are extremely structured, textured, and versatile. The textural look makes an awe-inspiring display. 

dried floral arch for wedding ceremony


Dried floral arches

We love the use of grasses and dried palm leaves for ceremony arches. The neutral colors mean it is completely versatile to any color scheme you choose. The arch itself can also mix in some brighter fresh or tinted dry flowers to bring your color scheme to life. 

dried florals wedding decoration


Dried floral aisle arrangements

Because of the mix of heights and a wide variety of grasses out there, you can really design your aisle to be impactful. Eucalyptus is perfect for beautiful low ceremony arrangements. On the other hand, using larger grasses like pampas grass, gives your aisle arrangements a lot of height, as if you were walking through a meadow of amber feathers to meet your soon-to-be-spouse at the end. You could use organic holders like dried moss to hold your arrangements or opt for themed vases, like white ceramic vases, glass holders, or terracotta pots. Our recommendation is to mix it up. Try having low arrangements along the aisle and then have two taller arrangements at the end of the aisle for a more impressive ceremony scene.

How to get creative with dried florals in your personal wedding flowers

Your personal flowers are any flowers belonging to the wedding party on the day e.g your bouquets, boutonnieres, flower crowns, and corsages. These can all be beautiful but generally, we don’t recommend dried flower corsages as they can be uncomfortable for the wearer. Let’s go through the other three. 

dried floral bouquets


Dried flower bouquet inspiration

When researching bouquets with dried flowers you would be forgiven for thinking they are all huge, neutral in tone, and are all round about the same shape. But that’s not true at all! Dried flower bouquets can be just as varied as fresh ones in size, shape, and composition. Lavender, Statice, Feather Celosia, and Thistles all give great variety to bouquets. Combine them with a select few fresh flowers matching your color scheme for a unique look.

dried flower crown for bride

Dried floral crowns and boutonnieres

For flower crowns and boutonnieres, you’ll want the more delicate varieties of grasses and flowers. Do not - I repeat - do not place a whole pampas grass on your head. They are huge! There are smaller varieties that you can play with for these more fragile pieces. As with your bouquet, don’t be afraid to blend with fresh flowers into boutonnieres and crowns too to make them more special. 

How to design amazing dried flower table settings and centerpieces

Now onto your reception. Although the ceremony is the wedding ritual, this might be the most important part of your day to you. With your reception design, you can really take people’s breath away. Here is how!

dried floral table centerpieces


Table settings with dried flowers

One thing we love most that couples often neglect is a good table setting design. Your place setting is the one singular section in which someone sits at the table. It is the composition of your cutlery, glasses, napkins, plates, and stationery. Sounds quite detailed and complicated but stick with me. 

Your place setting design does not need to be overly complex. Adding a single sprig of thyme, cotton, or lavender on top of everyone’s napkins is a simple flourish that makes all the difference. This can work even if dried florals aren’t part of your main theme. It’s a small addition but gorgeous details are everything!

dried floral table centerpieces


Dried flower centerpieces

Zooming out from the micro details of your place setting, now let’s look at the table as a whole. For amazing wedding centerpieces, you must first work with the shape of the table and not against it. Sure a long table runner of dried grasses can look cool on a round table, but it’s not so fun for the guests sitting at the tail ends of those runners. 

For long tables, use the same principle as the ceremony by having a variety of heights in your table design. Utilizing a mix of vases can also look very impressive on the table such as small glass bottles and wider, flat vases for bigger arrangements at the center of the table. 

For round tables, perhaps half of them can have slightly taller arrangements and the others have simpler arrangements. Varying the shapes and sizes of your dried flower centerpieces is really impactful to the eye.

dried floral hanging chandelier

Dried floral hanging arrangements

We love a stunning chandelier of twigs and grasses! It is so modern and chic. The structural properties of dried flowers make them ideal for hanging arrangements. They are far less likely to flop or wilt throughout the day, retaining their original shape all night. We recommend fusing the floral structure with a wowing light structure to blow your guests away. 

If you use dried flowers in your wedding design, we would love to see it! Head to our wedding submissions page to send us what you created.

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