Get Inspired for Your Wedding with these DIY Projects

DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

It has been a wild season for wedding planning during a global pandemic. A lot of us are working from home now more than ever before and are itching to try new activities and hobbies. You might have a few creative talents you want to dust off or are interested in finally doing something different! If you're in the midst of wedding planning right now, we want to inspire you with some DIY wedding decor ideas for your wedding day that will not only surprise you by how easy they are, but also wow your guests with your impressive skill set!

You might love arts and crafts or just saving money in general. Not only will these DIY ideas not break the bank, but they'll make time spent at home a lot more entertaining!


DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

1. DIY Wedding Welcome Sign

If you've attended a wedding before, you've probably seen a welcome sign at the entrance to the venue or where you'll be seated during the ceremony. You can pay to have these welcome signs made or you can easily create one yourself. All you need is a wooden board that you stain any color, then let dry, and follow up with the hand-painted word “Welcome” or any details you wish to share with your guests. You can dress the wooden board up with greenery or florals to really make it pop. If you're not interesting in painting, large chalkboards work great for a DIY wedding welcome sign too! This might be a good time to practice your calligraphy, or if you have a friend with beautiful handwriting then maybe they'll gladly lend a hand (pun intended!) on this project.

DIY Wedding Wood Sign

2. DIY Wedding Wood Signs

You can DIY all of your wedding day signs if you're feeling up for it! You might have signs around the ceremony, but there are many places and purposes for them at your reception too. They can show guests the timeline of the day and when to expect certain events, or you might choose to label the food and dessert tables. You can be as creative as you want; wood pallets make for trendy decor and are so versatile with how you can use them. They're a budget-friendly piece that you can probably snag for free and turn into an amazing piece of wedding decor. Check out this tutorial here on how to make one! 

3. DIY Wedding Arch

DIY Wedding Arch

This is one of the more ambitious projects via the do-it-yourself route. Arches are gorgeous at the end of the aisle for where you'll stand to say “I do.” They create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and add dimension to your wedding photos. Arches can get pretty expensive, so if you're up for it and are planning a budget-friendly wedding than definitely consider building one. Arches come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so there's many ways to execute the design. You can use wood beams, ladders, poles, or other sturdy objects that make sense with your wedding theme. If you add details like florals, greenery and/ or a few yards of billowing chiffon fabric, we guarantee most people won’t even guess that you made it yourself!

4. DIY Wedding Exit Toss Ideas

Some couples choose to have their wedding attendees throw confetti as they walk down the aisle after their ceremony, while others prefer to do it at the end of the night when they're leaving their wedding reception. Confetti can be pricey and is messy to clean up. If you're throwing it outside, it's also bad for the environment. You can choose to create your own confetti with something free: nature! Simply collect a bunch of fallen leaves and pat them dry if necessary. If they're large leaves, you can get creative and punch them out with different stampers like hearts or flowers. Create some easy holders for them and you have eco-friendly confetti!

For more DIY wedding exit toss ideas, think bird seeds, herbs, and dried flowers. These are beautiful environmentally friendly options as well. They'll save you money, require no mess to clean up, and look super trendy and cool. Check out these different herbs to use for your confetti exit toss or decor. 

DIY wedding exit toss eco-friendly ideas

5. DIY Wedding Centerpieces

DIY wedding centerpieces

Beautiful wedding centerpieces for your tables are a must for your wedding reception. They can easily be made with materials found at the dollar store! You read that right. All you need are vases, candles, and some greenery to style up your wedding tables for the most stunning reception. You can add any details you want like beads, rocks, or jewels inside the vases, or for a more rustic wedding style, place your vases atop wooden boxes or tree stumps. DIY wedding centerpieces can be customized to go perfectly with any wedding theme.

6. DIY Flower Wreath Hoop

DIY wedding flower wreath hoop

This DIY wedding decor idea really brings a wow factor to your wedding day celebration. These flower wreath hoops look elegant and to be honest, some quite expensive as well. They serve a variety of functions mini bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, wall or chandelier decoration, photo displays and more. Check out this video by Afloral on how to make your own.

7. DIY Wedding Favor for Guests

DIY Wedding Favor Succulents

There are so many goodies you can put together for your guests as a DIY wedding favor for when they leave at the end of your celebration. You can choose an edible gift like chocolates or sweets that you and your spouse enjoy and want to share with your guests, or many couples are opting to send their friends and family off with mini succulents to symbolize "Let love grow." Your wedding favors can be full of meaning or just a simple thank you for coming to celebrate the day with you. It might take some time to put together your DIY wedding favor succulents if you have a large guest count so the more hands on deck for this project, the better!

If you're throwing a micro-wedding or are just looking to save on your wedding day, these DIY wedding decor ideas are a great way to go. They're a lot of fun, a big money saver, and your guests will love knowing you put in the energy to create some beautiful details. You'll even find yourself appreciating your wedding day even more being surrounded by all of your impressive work. So, gather a few friends for some craft time, and make sure to get help on the larger projects like building an arch. We love seeing how creative couples can be with their DIY wedding decor. Post a comment below, or send us a message to share your DIY wedding project for a chance to be featured on our page!

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