Mauve et Blush: Behind the Name

Mauve et Blush Lily Veil

Brand names may form from a spark of excitement in a moment's notice or following intense thought about the brand’s meaning and purpose. Ultimately, no matter how it comes about, the name will carry you through the excitement of building a brand and establishing a legacy. Mauve et Blush came like a gleam of light one evening as I was conjuring images of brides and weddings and fairytales. The blushing bride in ivory surrounded by her maidens in a soft shade of purple.

Mallow Flower

The color mauve originates from France and is named after the mallow flower, symbolizing love, protection, and health. The color's subtle hue promotes femininity and compassion, and is a beautiful earthy-toned color for weddings.

Did you know the mallow flower also represents delicate beauty and sweetness, consumed by love? What better notion could we choose to embody a bride on her wedding day?                            

The color blush relates to unconditional love and understanding. It is warm and affectionate. Mauve et Blush merges two exquisite colors that possess both spirit and magnetism, much like our brides. Their glamour and enchantment are breathtaking and inspirational. Considered a guardian of a house, the mallow flower is also good fortune to newlyweds as they set out on their happily ever after.

Heather Lincoln
Founder & Designer at Mauve et Blush, based in Los Angeles, California.

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